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Do You Want To Know 5 Common Heart Attack Mimics That Do Not Emerge From the Heart? Here’s a List.

As a physician, I understand first-hand the concerns that patients get when they enter an Emergency Department (ED) with a complaint of chest pain. Many are rightfully anxious about the prospect of suffering from a heart attack. But, statistics disclose that most patients who walk into the ED with chest pain, often leave with a different diagnosis. Get acquainted with common health conditions, which are not related to the heart, that can mimic a heart attack.

Women With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Are Walking With a Purpose.

As an article designed to reach the audience of the PCOS Awareness Association, the content highlights an integral message to readers on why they should put on a pair of walking shoes and start walking routinely. Active women with polycyctic ovary syndrome (PCOS) will improve their quality of life, both mentally and physically. Don't miss the scoop on this evidence-based article on how walking can help manage symptoms of PCOS through 5 practical steps.